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Vibro Ring Dark кольцо Эрекционное кольцо с вибрацией toyz4lovers bestseller extreme pump glow in the dark
Vibro Ring Dark - мягкое эластичное эрекционное кольцо со встроенным вибратором для ярких ощущений. Кольцо выполнено из высококачественного медицинского силикона и прекрасно подходит для мужчин с любым размером полового члена. Просто наденьте кольцо на основании пениса, поверните покрытый мягкими бугорками стимулятор к клитору партнерши или к вашей мошонки и начните получать невероятное наслаждение. Кольцо увеличивает эрекцию и замедляет процесс семяизвержения.
1254 руб.
Loveaider American Special Forces Simulation Penis Dong Dildos toyz4lovers bestseller extreme pump glow in the dark
Description: With the increase in interest in dildos for women, we have seen a parallel rise in the variety of products offered.This women sex toy is the best choice for you to have.Don't miss this New Female toy. Details: Item NO.:72008-A 72008-B Color:random delivery Bulk Weight: 0.037(kg). Total length: 17cm, Using the length: 13cm, diameter: 4.3cm 100% waterproof Material: TPR Package included: 1 * Dong Notice: 1.Please use it in safe, sober and unforced condition 2.These personal items will not be returned for your health. 3.In order to protect the privacy of customers, we keep strictly confidential and the packaging is exquisite and safe. More details shown in the pictures:
21.7 руб.
Hot Sex Fantasy Silky Micro Wavy Egg Male Vaginal Masturbation toyz4lovers bestseller extreme pump glow in the dark
Description: For ages silk has been sought after by kings and conquerors as one of the finest fabrics that man has ever created. That all changes now with the Tenga Silky Egg. Unwrap this silicone egg and use the lube included to get it ready. Then slide yourself in and feel one of the best sensations you'll ever feel around your penis. As you feel the silky sensation from the ribbed spool of silicone silk slide over you, you'll start filling with delight.This masturbation egg beyond imagination outward appearance and lovely packaging, even women have hooked. This new product design thinking is aimed at the glans stimulation, the internal structure of the different -- protruding point type, wavy, cobweb type. High quality elastic resin material not only has good flexibility and has more and the maiden skin are same, soft tactility. Cleaning is simple and convenient, for fear of the trouble you it is a good choice. As a gift must give him a sweet and surprise. Features: 1.Provide corrugated type of heavy socio-semiotic socio-semiotic package, soft continous pleasure like waves as rising;convex point type internal configuration a variety of protuberant stimulate point, provide fluctuation kneading, touch, and rotated stimulation;nets type internal filled with uninterruptedness stimulate outlets and provide 360 degree stimulation; - please cooperate with lubricant use. 2.The operation is simple, easy to carry, 3.For men masturbate, improve the male sex apathy, premature ejaculation, impotence on male adjutant therapy; etc. 4.Suitable for elderly function abate or long-term life of man; a barrier erratic husband and wife living in the intense desire, man, and the man divorced or celibacy,Particularly recommended for high quality life experience of the successful man. How to use: 1, tear packing stickers, 2, open the outer "eggshell" remove masturbation sets, lubricants and pack lubricant cylindrical little container, 3, the penis or masturbation set of inner smear evenly lubricant, 4, penis pretty into masturbation set, with the hand kneading, extrusion and stroking, rotate, gracious feeling, comfortable manipulation degrees to make the most agreeable masturbation way. Details: - Simulates oral sex - Available in six incredible styles - Each egg includes enough lube for one use - Constructed of TPE odorless silicone elastomer - Nubs and ribs heighten the stimulation - Easy to use and maneuver - Creates a gentle sucking noise when in use - Slurping causes a slight vibration without mechanical parts - Waterproof so safe to use in the shower - One time use to no cleaning necessary. Package included: 1*egg Notice: 1.Please use it in safe, sober and unforced condition 2.These personal items will not be returned for your health. More details shown in the pictures:
8.84 руб.
Youcups Dance Girls Helen Pussy Vagina Male Masturbation Cup toyz4lovers bestseller extreme pump glow in the dark
Description: Wanna to make your usual sexual life more happier?This male masturbator cup can satisfiy with your demand.Excite and enhance your sexual pleasure with a male masturbator. Masturbators are touted for solo masturbation only but can be easily incorporated into your sexplay and are particularly helpful during oral foreplay.Maybe you have never used this oral sex cup.The most imaginative masturbator ever, the Fleshlight combines a hard plastic outer case with a soft ultra-realistic inside sleeve for the most thrilling ride of your life.You'll feel so good when you lube up and slide between the sculpted lips that hug your erection in a tight, warm grip.What are you waiting for?This male masturbator cup is made for you.Don't miss this male masturbator cup. Features: 1.Helen comes from Italy . She is not tall but her body has the charm of Asian female. Her sex organ is very sensitive. She does not mind any experience and she likes to try different kind of body. 2.Helen's pussy as like as wings. However, these wings are not from bird, it is from dragon. 3.Every female sex organ is unique. Each has different appearance, size, colour and performance. In different culture, there are different standard of sex organ's performance. In Asia there was the legend of 12 pussy and 12 Vaginal. In India there is same theory which is same as Western culture. 4.Each custom-molded youcups dance girls sleeve is an exact mold of each girl's most intimate part. Details: Item NO.:YC0091-00 Color:as shown in the pictures Material:ABS,PC(case,swith,ring),TPR,SEBS(sleeve) Batteries:3 AAA batteries Size:7.8cm*22.2cm(case),6.8cm*17cm(sleeve) Net weight:0.56kg Package included: 1*Male Masturbator(batteries not included) Notice: 1.Please use it in safe, sober and unforced condition 2.These personal items will not be returned for your health. More details shown in the pictures:
43.63 руб.
7 Inch Realistic Cock Dildos toyz4lovers bestseller extreme pump glow in the dark
Description: He's big, he's firm and he's always ready when you are. The Pleasure Skin Realistic Dildo is expertly sculpted in a lifelike material, with all the details you loved in the size that's designed to please. You can even have it in flesh or brown to satisfy your deepest fantasies. Step up your sexual fantasies with this 7 inch Realistic Cock . This splendid creation is carefully crafted for full penis and testicle detail. The sturdy suction base is so strong for it to stand mighty and tall. Touch it and feel it like the skin of a solid erected penis. Enjoy the chunky girth and the pronounced soft head for exciting probing sensations. Explore your sexuality to the fullest extent with this sex toys. Aphrodisia Dongs give you all you can handle. Sculpted for supwe-realism and uniquely curved for maximum sensations. The flexible TPE shaft and heavy balls feel like the real deal.Plus, the strong suction base gives you hands-free pleasure anywhere. Use it for anal or vaginal satisfaction. Details: Material TPE,ABS Condition Brand New Color Flesh, Brown Length 7.3" Diameter 1.8" Features: 1. Realistic shape 2. Textured shaft 3. Stable Suction-cup base 4. Flexible, Soft 5. Waterproof 6. Crafted head and balls 7. Realistic with sculpted skin details( incredible life like feeling) 8. Strong suction cup base for hands-free use(you attach this waterproof big boy to the shower walls, the tub or pool, or to walls, tabletops, chairs and other smooth surfaces for hands-free thrills.) 9. With the Aphrodisia Dongs securely even during energetic play,but just tug the edge of the suction cup and it'll release easily. Usefulness: 1. As clitoral stimulator. 2. Practice oral. 3. Add another 'guy' while having a sensual intercourse with a partner. Package included: 1 * Realistic Cock Dildos Notices: 1.It should be not shared with other people. 2.Wash product thoroughly before and after each use. 3.These personal items can not be refunded for your health reasons. Clear Tips: Cleaning your Aphrodisia Dongs use mild soap and water or toy cleaner. Pictures Show:
13.83 руб.
Pipedream Набор Для Фиксации Наручники, наножники и цепочка toyz4lovers bestseller extreme pump glow in the dark
Pipedream Extreme Hog-Tie Kit - регулируемые по размеру наручники и оковы, соединенные между собой стильной металлической цепочкой. Великолепный набор идеально подойдет не только для женщин, но и для мужчин, он позволит связать вашу жертву, при этом не лишая ее подвижности. Комплект идеально подходит для пар, желающих максимально сильно расширить границы своего удовольствия и выйти на совершенно новый уровень наслаждения. Extreme Hog-Tie Kit - стильная и яркая фиксация для молодых и дерзких, смелых и не боящихся воплощать в жизнь откровенные и пикантные фантазии. В комплект входит маска любви из атласа.
3286 руб.
Multicolour Water-soluble Adult Sex Product Body Lubricating Oil toyz4lovers bestseller extreme pump glow in the dark
Description: Item Type:Lubricants Material:Oil Size:60ml DUAI personal lubricants, is a product of privacy which is completely free of glycerin derivative (sugar) and preservatives. All DUAI private products adopt safe formula,in order to protect women's safety for the purpose of the production. Provide some water-based lubricant and a water-based/silicon oil mixture, all products are 100% pure natural plant ingredients. DUAI product series contains aloe and alfalfa, plant fiber, natural vitamin E, lotus extract, flax seed, sunflower seed, green tea and other plant ingredients,Each plant ingredients play nursing role in vaginal mucosa . DUAI goal is to be a requisite for women in the production of safe natural personal lubricants and other private place can improve sexual pleasure.
4.91 руб.
68 Speed Wireless Remote Control Egg For Women toyz4lovers bestseller extreme pump glow in the dark
Detial: Material: ABS Color: Pink, Purple Size: Show as the pictures Battery: 3 AAA Battery(not included) Features: * Comes with wireless remote control, Safe, hygienic and comfortable to use. * This compact sized personal massager comes in the shape of an egg and is controlled by an remote control. * Comes with 68 different speeds and pulses so you can adjust the amount of pressure you want by using the buttons on the remote control. * Resembles an MP3, more subtle, put the bag, you do not fear discovery. * Made with Phthalate Free ABS materials (No Toxic Chemicals). Package Included: 1 * Egg 1 * Remote Control SIZE: Method of use: Disclaimer: About Color:The precise color of the Lingerie items may vary depending on the specific monitor, the settings and the lighting conditions.The items colors depicted should only be used as an approximate guide.
5.99 руб.
Pipedream Full-Contact Hood Маска на голову toyz4lovers bestseller extreme pump glow in the dark
Pipedream Full-Contact Hood – маска плотно закрывающая лицо из коллекции Fetish Fantasy Extreme. Испытайте новые острые ощущения с этим фантастическим атрибутом. Маска полностью закрывает лицо, партнер не сможет ни видеть ни слышать, сосредоточившись на тактильных ощущениях. Маска надежно крепится при помощи ремешков и шнуровки. В области носа расположены отверстия для дыхания.
5106 руб.
Hot Bio 2 in 1, 200 мл Лубрикант - гель для массажа toyz4lovers bestseller extreme pump glow in the dark
Hot Bio 2 in 1 - органический лубрикант на водной основе + гель для массажа, для улучшения скольжения и устранения сухости в интимных зонах, а так же для всей поверхности тела. Применение: Нанести необходимое количество геля на интимную зону или необходимый участок тела. Гель создан на основе натуральных органических компонентов, подходит для использования веганами.
1607 руб.
You2Toys Bullet in Red Вибропуля с выносным пультом toyz4lovers bestseller extreme pump glow in the dark
Компактная вибропуля You2Toys Bullet in Red - удовольствие, которое можно носить с собой. Управляется с помощью выносного пульта управления.
594 руб.
Baile вакуумная помпа Для стимуляции груди toyz4lovers bestseller extreme pump glow in the dark
Baile Breast Pump – вакуумная помпа для стимуляции груди, эффективный метод увеличения груди без хирургического вмешательства. Во время стимуляции груди при помощи вакуумной помпы в яичниках начинает вырабатываться женский гормон эстроген, который способствует увеличению молочных желез. Помпа очень удобна в применении, достаточно пары нажатий на рычаг для того чтобы создать вакуум, после воздействия помпа легко снимается нажатием на клапан для разряжения воздуха.
3197 руб.